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En Esperanto

This is my agora, a place for me to teach and discuss, to congregate, to lecture, to crack jokes, and to entertain. As an agora out in the ether web, it isn't my own space of isolation, but a place for many to philosophize and hypothesize with an assembled koinan, a fellowship made up of any free person willing to enter.
I am the headmaster, and the enforcer of the code, but I hold few restrictions over the assembly, and in fact am working with Sintio, president of the Texoma Esperanto Club and webpage consultant, in putting in place as many liberating site features as possible.
That means allowing people to sign in and manipulate content from a decentralized registry, making features available for all current browser varieties, democratizing soapboxes, and allowing for free inquiry.

Please see my guidelines page for specific prohibitions.